Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My fitness journey and a perfect way to start

Fitness is not only a business but it is more about being healthy and fit in the current world. It is really hard to maintain a good body and stay fit and the reason behind it is either the work or the food.
The work because it is all computerized and the food because it is fast food or the unhealthy tasty food. If this is how its going to be then people will have to be more conscious about their health and food habits.

Naturally what we eat or put into our body the results are accordingly. I am not a motivational speaker but it would make my day if any single person gets benefited  from this.
You need to necessarily join a gym, it can be done at home or outdoors. The reason why I started working out is because I was underweight and it somewhere hit my self esteem and I decided to join the gym. At the early stage didn't take it much seriously because I was not motivated enough to go to the gym. Even though I have made a research about techniques and best workouts for different muscle groups. Slowly I started gaining muscles and that's when I started to be motivated. But then due to work overload I was not able to go to gym regularly and hence the results were not as expected. After I completed my college I decided to join and later on it became a daily routine.
I was 51 kg two months back and now I am about 57.5 kg with a very simple diet and no extra pocket tearing charges on food etc.

The first 3 hours of your morning decides what your day will be and workout can definitely make your day better because it will keep your confidence leveled up and keep you fresh all day long.
If you are not motivated enough to go to gym or getting up early, try to eat early and lie down and put some light music of your choice and lift one arm 90 degree to your body, keep it as much as you can hold and when you are tired lift the other one up and in about 10-15 minutes you'll fall asleep.
Ask someone to wake you up early and try to just walk outside your place for 30 minutes and feel the fresh air. Try this for a week and then start jogging for the same time-period.
After a month you'll feel much lighter, happier and motivated.

Its your body and you can do so much to it by following a disciplined routine. I am not telling any of you to join the gym because it may be heavy on the pockets of some parents and at this point you don't need it. Try to get up early and build that stamina in you to make yourself a better person.
I hope at least someone gets benefited from this blog and if I get a response for the same I'd be happy to help anyone who wishes to be better and instead of paying thousands of rupees to your trainer or transformation specialist just thank me. I won't charge anyone for asking me help to achieve a good health.
Try to take that one step ahead in your life for your betterment and achieve the un-achieved and lets be healthy together.

(If you have any queries related to the topic feel free to comment below or drop your email id and I'll mail you back)

 Thank you 

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