Sunday, 19 February 2017

Arrange marriage or love marriage??

People always have an argument regarding this matter. But what is the reality is only known to inside of life of respective people. They may say love marriage is the best and its very beautiful and so will they say about arrange marriage. When we look deep into it we understand the reality in practical life,lets get into it in a clear and brief description....

Love marriage as we all know is a relationship carried forward by two known people and hence they know each other and are familiar with their real self there is no space for any greater excitement. In love marriage people often expect too much and that may sometimes not be applicable in practical life. They think that only love is enough and rest will happen, but later its only self realization that nothing happens on its own like in the movies. In such relation the peak point of that craze or craving for each other say love is before marriage and eventually the scale drops to a minimal level in some years after marriage and there a wall of differences which was transparent but existed from always becomes visible to them and its hard to accept the reality and they separates.

Arrange marriage is of a complete different sort of thing as the person getting into the relation don't know about the other person and there is a curiosity to know each other. They say arrange marriage is like a lottery the probability of winning and losing is the same and if you win its a lifetime thing and if you lose its a hell thing. But in arrange marriage the involved people tries to adjust according to each other and builds a relationship and the wall of difference slowly gets down unlike love marriage.

It cannot be said that one is better over the other but if getting in any of such is by our choice we must make sure that we live up-to our expectation and life should be easier on having a partner and not difficult to both individual.
whats your say about it? drop your views in comment section..

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