Monday, 20 February 2017

Simple life hacks to build your dreams (Motivation - successful)

Do not give up early, because you do not know how close you are to the goals you've made .
So a lot of people ask about how to stay motivated or energetic, the simple formula is care for yourself more than anyone else.
You'll only see results when you are self focused and your goals are clear, because nothing happens overnight and being in this world which is rapidly changing (ie. dynamic). So if you do not concentrate or work on your goals someone will hire you to build theirs.
Stop thinking that results will come to you and start moving towards it. Only then you'll see the light of the path you should succeed. Most of the people try and try but do not succeed in life, the reason behind that is they try or do the same thing that is already done by someone who is successful and the reason you can't achieve it is because its already been achieved so either you'll have to be better than the previous one or you'll have to be different.
Stop listening to people who criticize you because when you become successful they are the ones running behind you for the formulas of being successful.
Do not do what others tell you to do because they may be right but it may not be suitable for you. Only you can decide what you want to do and not others. Its never late and it's not only your fate, you have to put in the hard-work for the desired results. Nobody will cheer you up or help you at the initial stage and they shouldn't because you haven't proved your potential for them to put their resources into building your dreams. Be the person of your choice , build a better character because you may succeed at the very beginning but in order to live a good life its only your character that will help you throughout your life.
Motivation is something you decide according to your plans and what motivates you to achieve it is all dependent on your comfort zone. Push yourself to the maximum or the extreme and live your life the way you want, just see that your dreams do not harm the people in the society.
Start today , Take the initiative and for the rest of the life you'll appreciate your decision or regret the opportunities you had but you never chose.

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