Monday, 20 February 2017

10 ways to achieve your body goals[ultimate beginners guide]

Its not difficult to achieve the type of physique you want, all you need is a proper guide to achieve it and here is the ultimate guide. Be it men or women this definitely works for both.

The first step is to take an initiative or creating the drive. If you sit on your ass nothings gonna change. so the first step is to start with an idea of what type of body you want.
So take that one step forward and challenge yourself for a better version of you.

If you want a lean body type, your diet should focus on protein sources only and if you are focusing on bulking up you'll have to intake protein and carbs and drink lots of water. Remember food is very much important in both the fitness goals. If you need a blog for diet on what to eat and what not to eat ? comment below and I'll make a diet blog for you guys.

Make a routine for the exercises you want to do on the basis of your goal. If you don't want to go to the gym there are different exercises you can try at home. But once you a make a routine stick to it until you see result and make variations in your exercises for better results.

If you are not sleeping for at least 8 hours a day then its difficult for your body to make changes because it needs proper rest for developing your tissues and to heal. Make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

when you do exercise leave your ego aside because then it may lead to an injury. If you get pain while doing exercise stop it immediately and make sure to work on it to get into better form and learn how to not get injured.

 Consistency is the key to success, you may fail at times but if you are regular then you'll achieve what you want to. If you see results do not quit and go on working because that is not the end of results and there is lot more to explore.

Do not intake unhealthy food as it is not healthy for your body and it may even spoil your workout routine to an extent. Be strict about your diet and follow it with discipline.

There are no shortcuts for any thing. In order to achieve anything in life you'll have to work hard for it. There are different types of medicines and drugs that guarantee you 100% results, and by using them you'll find immediate results but in long run the affects of such drugs on your body may be worse and its recommended not to use any such market products to harm your body.

In the long run sometimes you may be alone and thus the motivation from self is not enough to work hard therefore its suggested to get a person as a partner with similar goals to help you achieve yours and you help them achieve them theirs.

Commitment is very important and by that you'll learn more about yourself, because if you can't commit for your better then there is no chance for anything bigger than that in your life.

At last all you gotta do is continue with the plan and when you achieve your result aim for higher and higher because there is no limit for achievements. stay fit and stay healthy.

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