Monday, 20 February 2017

10 ways to achieve your body goals[ultimate beginners guide]

Its not difficult to achieve the type of physique you want, all you need is a proper guide to achieve it and here is the ultimate guide. Be it men or women this definitely works for both.

The first step is to take an initiative or creating the drive. If you sit on your ass nothings gonna change. so the first step is to start with an idea of what type of body you want.
So take that one step forward and challenge yourself for a better version of you.

If you want a lean body type, your diet should focus on protein sources only and if you are focusing on bulking up you'll have to intake protein and carbs and drink lots of water. Remember food is very much important in both the fitness goals. If you need a blog for diet on what to eat and what not to eat ? comment below and I'll make a diet blog for you guys.

Make a routine for the exercises you want to do on the basis of your goal. If you don't want to go to the gym there are different exercises you can try at home. But once you a make a routine stick to it until you see result and make variations in your exercises for better results.

If you are not sleeping for at least 8 hours a day then its difficult for your body to make changes because it needs proper rest for developing your tissues and to heal. Make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

when you do exercise leave your ego aside because then it may lead to an injury. If you get pain while doing exercise stop it immediately and make sure to work on it to get into better form and learn how to not get injured.

 Consistency is the key to success, you may fail at times but if you are regular then you'll achieve what you want to. If you see results do not quit and go on working because that is not the end of results and there is lot more to explore.

Do not intake unhealthy food as it is not healthy for your body and it may even spoil your workout routine to an extent. Be strict about your diet and follow it with discipline.

There are no shortcuts for any thing. In order to achieve anything in life you'll have to work hard for it. There are different types of medicines and drugs that guarantee you 100% results, and by using them you'll find immediate results but in long run the affects of such drugs on your body may be worse and its recommended not to use any such market products to harm your body.

In the long run sometimes you may be alone and thus the motivation from self is not enough to work hard therefore its suggested to get a person as a partner with similar goals to help you achieve yours and you help them achieve them theirs.

Commitment is very important and by that you'll learn more about yourself, because if you can't commit for your better then there is no chance for anything bigger than that in your life.

At last all you gotta do is continue with the plan and when you achieve your result aim for higher and higher because there is no limit for achievements. stay fit and stay healthy.

Simple life hacks to build your dreams (Motivation - successful)

Do not give up early, because you do not know how close you are to the goals you've made .
So a lot of people ask about how to stay motivated or energetic, the simple formula is care for yourself more than anyone else.
You'll only see results when you are self focused and your goals are clear, because nothing happens overnight and being in this world which is rapidly changing (ie. dynamic). So if you do not concentrate or work on your goals someone will hire you to build theirs.
Stop thinking that results will come to you and start moving towards it. Only then you'll see the light of the path you should succeed. Most of the people try and try but do not succeed in life, the reason behind that is they try or do the same thing that is already done by someone who is successful and the reason you can't achieve it is because its already been achieved so either you'll have to be better than the previous one or you'll have to be different.
Stop listening to people who criticize you because when you become successful they are the ones running behind you for the formulas of being successful.
Do not do what others tell you to do because they may be right but it may not be suitable for you. Only you can decide what you want to do and not others. Its never late and it's not only your fate, you have to put in the hard-work for the desired results. Nobody will cheer you up or help you at the initial stage and they shouldn't because you haven't proved your potential for them to put their resources into building your dreams. Be the person of your choice , build a better character because you may succeed at the very beginning but in order to live a good life its only your character that will help you throughout your life.
Motivation is something you decide according to your plans and what motivates you to achieve it is all dependent on your comfort zone. Push yourself to the maximum or the extreme and live your life the way you want, just see that your dreams do not harm the people in the society.
Start today , Take the initiative and for the rest of the life you'll appreciate your decision or regret the opportunities you had but you never chose.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Arrange marriage or love marriage??

People always have an argument regarding this matter. But what is the reality is only known to inside of life of respective people. They may say love marriage is the best and its very beautiful and so will they say about arrange marriage. When we look deep into it we understand the reality in practical life,lets get into it in a clear and brief description....

Love marriage as we all know is a relationship carried forward by two known people and hence they know each other and are familiar with their real self there is no space for any greater excitement. In love marriage people often expect too much and that may sometimes not be applicable in practical life. They think that only love is enough and rest will happen, but later its only self realization that nothing happens on its own like in the movies. In such relation the peak point of that craze or craving for each other say love is before marriage and eventually the scale drops to a minimal level in some years after marriage and there a wall of differences which was transparent but existed from always becomes visible to them and its hard to accept the reality and they separates.

Arrange marriage is of a complete different sort of thing as the person getting into the relation don't know about the other person and there is a curiosity to know each other. They say arrange marriage is like a lottery the probability of winning and losing is the same and if you win its a lifetime thing and if you lose its a hell thing. But in arrange marriage the involved people tries to adjust according to each other and builds a relationship and the wall of difference slowly gets down unlike love marriage.

It cannot be said that one is better over the other but if getting in any of such is by our choice we must make sure that we live up-to our expectation and life should be easier on having a partner and not difficult to both individual.
whats your say about it? drop your views in comment section..

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My fitness journey and a perfect way to start

Fitness is not only a business but it is more about being healthy and fit in the current world. It is really hard to maintain a good body and stay fit and the reason behind it is either the work or the food.
The work because it is all computerized and the food because it is fast food or the unhealthy tasty food. If this is how its going to be then people will have to be more conscious about their health and food habits.

Naturally what we eat or put into our body the results are accordingly. I am not a motivational speaker but it would make my day if any single person gets benefited  from this.
You need to necessarily join a gym, it can be done at home or outdoors. The reason why I started working out is because I was underweight and it somewhere hit my self esteem and I decided to join the gym. At the early stage didn't take it much seriously because I was not motivated enough to go to the gym. Even though I have made a research about techniques and best workouts for different muscle groups. Slowly I started gaining muscles and that's when I started to be motivated. But then due to work overload I was not able to go to gym regularly and hence the results were not as expected. After I completed my college I decided to join and later on it became a daily routine.
I was 51 kg two months back and now I am about 57.5 kg with a very simple diet and no extra pocket tearing charges on food etc.

The first 3 hours of your morning decides what your day will be and workout can definitely make your day better because it will keep your confidence leveled up and keep you fresh all day long.
If you are not motivated enough to go to gym or getting up early, try to eat early and lie down and put some light music of your choice and lift one arm 90 degree to your body, keep it as much as you can hold and when you are tired lift the other one up and in about 10-15 minutes you'll fall asleep.
Ask someone to wake you up early and try to just walk outside your place for 30 minutes and feel the fresh air. Try this for a week and then start jogging for the same time-period.
After a month you'll feel much lighter, happier and motivated.

Its your body and you can do so much to it by following a disciplined routine. I am not telling any of you to join the gym because it may be heavy on the pockets of some parents and at this point you don't need it. Try to get up early and build that stamina in you to make yourself a better person.
I hope at least someone gets benefited from this blog and if I get a response for the same I'd be happy to help anyone who wishes to be better and instead of paying thousands of rupees to your trainer or transformation specialist just thank me. I won't charge anyone for asking me help to achieve a good health.
Try to take that one step ahead in your life for your betterment and achieve the un-achieved and lets be healthy together.

(If you have any queries related to the topic feel free to comment below or drop your email id and I'll mail you back)

 Thank you 

How to get famous on Instagram??

Instagram as we all know is a is an online mobile photo sharing site that allows its users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, twitter etc.

Anyhow it doesn't matter that how many followers one have on their profile, but some of us want more recognition on such platforms.

People will be automatically interested if you do something interesting or have an interesting profile, and the pictures you upload should be more about you or what you do in your daily life.

Keep your account private, it increases curiosity in the minds of viewer to know more about you, hence they'll follow you.

Don't follow people you don't know thinking they'll follow you, however some people do follow in such case. But those are not the potential followers who are interested in your profile.

Keep your bio interesting and avoid any handwriting's or useless quotes. Your bio is an introduction/info about who you are or what you do? You can add your interest over there, however you do not get plenty of space for bio, hence keep it short and interesting.

Add your websites to your account and make use of every opportunity to publicize your websites or channels.

Also keep a good and clear profile picture, it helps people to identify you and keep the username unique and simple.

You can also link your account with several other social networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Swarm, tumblr, flikr etc.

You can also invite people from your contacts or linked accounts to Instagram if they do not have a profile on it.

In case you keep your account public make sure to use tags that are trending or are famous eg. instgram, instadaily etc and keep it related to the photos.
you can check my profile on Instagram -

I hope you guys find it helpful and if you have any queries related fitness, or the topic you are free to comment below and I'll try my best to respond to it.
If you need this in Hindi comment below and I'll see to that.

Thank you guys for reading

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Hello guys!
I'm an artist and a fitness freak. My blogs will be mostly about it and also travelling sometimes.
I have recently started an YouTube channel where i have already posted three videos.
So to start with I am a BBM graduate and I've been working thereafter and trying to keep my interest alive of singing, sketching/drawing and working out.
I have started sketching very recently because I had nothing much to do after college hours.
Its been more than 2 years now and I am improving in every intersest I have. I don't know how this will work for me , but I'm giving it a try.
I hope this is enough as an intro and maybe if  I get a response I'll start blogging more often about everything  visitors want to hear about.
thank you guys for reading and do check my youtube channel